2016’s Biggest Viral Hits: A Very Special Holiday Performance

End of year is for many, a time of reflection. We’re also feeling a sense of nostalgia this holiday season, but rather than drinking too much nog and calling an ex at 2am, we decided to do something positive with our 2016 memories: Put them to music!

2016 Viral Hits Meets The 12 Days of Christmas from Social Distillery on Vimeo.

The above video (which we highly encourage you to watch with the volume turned all the way up) is dedicated to 2016’s biggest viral hits. From #AngryMichaelPhelps to Instagram’s blatant rip-off of Snapchat, we’ve selected 12 of our favorite internet sensations for our own unique version of The 12 Days of Christmas:

1st Day of Christmas: Evil Kermit Meme

Kermit is no stranger to memeification (we may have just made that word up… go with it). From Kermit sipping tea to his classic hand-under-chin headshot, Kermit meme’s have been taking the internet by storm for many years. But it was 2016’s Evil Kermit that’s given us the greatest joy and the biggest laughs.

2nd Day of Christmas: Face Swaps

What’s more fun than pretending to be someone you’re not? Well thanks to the magic of Face Swap, you can swap faces with anyone (like your best friend) or anything (like your dog). But be warned, Face Swapping can be both creepy and addicting.

3rd Day of Christmas: Angry Michael Phelps

We were all there, watching Michael Phelps get ready to dominate the world for the final time during this Summer’s Olympic Games. Then we saw it, the face to destroy all faces. And with that, a meme was born.

4th Day of Christmas: Damn Daniel

Sometimes, it’s difficult to understand why certain content goes viral. Daniel and his white Vans are a great example of one of those instances. Though, rumor has it our intern pushed the viral button to help.

5th Day of Christmas: Harambe

The world was shocked and saddened this Spring by the sudden passing of beloved guerilla, Harambe. Although he’s no longer on this earth, his name and story will live on as one of the most famous viral hits of 2016.

6th Day of Christmas: Snapchat Geofilters

If you don’t know what Snapchat is or have never heard of a Geofilter, you should probably go ahead and stop reading now. This is only going to get weirder for you…

7th Day of Christmas: #KimExposedTaylorParty

This next level celeb feud was all over the internet earlier this year. We could try to explain it for you, but it’s strangely complex. Plus Buzzfeed did a pretty stellar job of breaking it down here.

8th Day of Christmas: Drake Sitting On Things

This year, Drake (rap star and former Canadian child actor) released his new album, featuring a tiny image of himself sitting on Toronto’s CN Tower. As with everything Drake-related, it instantly became a meme. Little Drakes were put on everything from edges of glasses to iconic locations.

9th Day or Christmas: Trump Tweets

He. Just. Won’t. Stop. Tweeting.

10th Day of Christmas: Nasty Woman

Following the 3rd Presidential Debate, the term “Nasty Woman” nearly broke the internet, becoming a proud feminist war cry, and one of the largest viral hits of present day.

11th Day of Christmas: Instagram Ripped Off Snapchat

Whether you’re Team Instagram or Team Snapchat, I think we can all agree, Instagram Stories (though a brilliant move) was Shady (with a capital S).

12th Day of Christmas: Legends Never Die

2016 has been a sad year for many reasons but one of the worst parts has been the heartbreaking amount of legends we’ve lost. From Bowie and Prince to Ali and Mrs. Brady, we wanted to take a moment to remember the greats that will be so dearly missed.

Follow along as we unveil a new viral hit each day leading up to Christmas on Instagram and Facebook. And of course, feel free to play the full video above on repeat for the rest of 2016.

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