4 Tips When Integrating Social Media Marketing Within Your Business

Here are a few tips on how to structure your company’s social media initiative.

1. Determine your company’s social media goals by listening and monitoring the social media landscape that you are stepping into before you become active in the space. Decide which platforms will help you reach your determined goals. Additionally, it’s important to decide which Social Customer Relationship Management tools (Social CRM) you should implement to help monitor and engage in conversations with your followers. These tools will help to measure and track your initiative health.

2. Decide which key employees will help you reach those goals. Social media management is often found in the marketing and public relations department. However, employees within product development, customer service and sales are key to have as part of the team to answers more technical questions. C-level employees are also important to include in the mix, as they contribute clear vision and purpose to the conversation. Followers are more likely to pay attention and feel more valued when conversing with C-level employees. Multiple voices can be created to represent a company and more than one person can manage each voice.

3. Determine your company’s voice, then make sure those representing your company consistently match that tone of voice. It’s important to recognize these networks as a “social” channel and that your followers would like to interact with a person, not a robot. Your company must hold a great deal of trust in those that engage with followers, as they will become very public representatives of your company.

4. Create a concise “rules of engagement” document to ensure that those representing the company don’t promote the wrong ideas through their personal interactions. This document can guide any company and personal communications. For example, these guidelines should be discussed and understood before publishing begins:

      • Be respectful


      • When in doubt, consult the internal team before responding


      • Be active and responsive; showcase passion for your brand


    • Know when to say “sorry” and “thanks” as well as when to disengage or take the conversation offline

If you need more information about how to successfully integrate social media within your business, please let us know how we can help.

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