Distilled Weekly: Social Media Roundup

Here’s your chance to catch up on everything that you’ve missed from social media this week once again.

Twitter Releases IPO Filing
This is the biggest news in social media since Facebook had its IPO. This may not seem as immediately interesting as confessions of guilt or an astronaut posting on Pinterest, but it’s one of the most significant things to happen to social media this year. Imagine if you had been a part of the initial formation of this company. Can you say billionaire?

YouTube Mashup Artist Makes Another Musical Masterpiece
Isosine, a YouTube user who has managed to hit it big with his unlikely mashups such as Justin Bieber vs Slipknot and Korn vs Taylor Swift, has brought the community what they want once again by bringing us this brilliant mashup between Miley Cyrus and Mumford & Sons. This has been enough to make Miley & Sons my new favorite band with their hit Little Wrecking Ball.

GTA V Borrows From Metro Trains to Show Us Dumber Ways to Die
Whether you remember Metro’s Dumb Ways to Die campaign or not, this compilation from Rockstar’s popular video game series Grand Theft Auto and an appropriation of the Dumb Ways to Die song is beautiful. I’m sure we’ve all had that moment where we think it’s a good idea to jump out of our helicopter while flying high above the city, but, as it turns out, it isn’t.

Are there any other crazy song mashups that would make you break viewing records? I know for a fact I’d go see Katy Timberlake in concert.  If you have any insights or comments about this week in social media just tweet @Vincent_Patton and make sure to follow @SocialDistiller for the latest on everything social media.

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