Distilled Weekly: Social Media Roundup


It’s hard keeping up with what is happening in social media. What’s news today will be a second thought tomorrow. We can’t list out all the news – we’ll leave that to the news outlets – but here is some freshly distilled social media news from our Social Media Roundup.

Facebook Launches Verified Accounts
Ever get a Facebook friend request from your favorite musician only to find out it’s a fake account? The days of fake accounts tricking you on Facebook are numbered. Facebook is now verifying accounts. With hashtags rumored as a new feature for Facebook, how much longer will the platform be playing catch up with Twitter?

The Details on the #NewGooglePlus
Google made lots of announcements at the Google I/O 2013 conference, with redesigns to just about everything Google related. Click the link above for a recap of 19 things you need to know about the new Google+ layout.

How to Master the 140 Character Tweet
Tweeting fewer than 140 characters is a hard task that only some have been able to conquer effectively. Bottom line, you must be creative. There are many different methods to do achieve the 140 character tweet. Read five tips about “How to Write Effective Tweets,” by clicking the link above.

What’s the hot social media buzz that caught your attention this week? Send us a tweet to let us know @stephrom and @elissafontenot and don’t forget to follow @SocialDistiller for more social media news.

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