Facebook Timeline is Good News for Small Businesses

Capitalize on the ability to research your fans
Facebook has gone from simply being social to telling the user’s story, and this is good news for  small businesses. Soon there will be no need for yearbooks or photo albums; instead users will be able to view their whole history online. For small businesses, this could be a great tool to study their client base with little cost to them. Knowing how their likes and dislikes have changed over the years can provide great insight. Plus, small businesses will be able to tell if a certain campaign is working by seeing exactly when a user “liked” their business. Facebook is also releasing new measurement abilities allowing marketers to gain deeper insights as to how well their Page is reaching users.

Get creative when branding
Many claim that Facebook looks more like MySpace with the new cover photo. My thought is that it encourages creativity. If Pages transition to Timeline, small businesses have the ability to brand their Facebook Page accordingly. Small businesses are no longer confined to just the standard profile picture but now have 840 pixels by 310 pixels to work with. If you need inspiration take a look at some extra creative user profiles.

Tell the story of your brand
The current Facebook Pages have been criticized as having low user engagement. “Liking,” posting messages and following links was about the only forms of engagement. Studies had shown some users ”like” a page to garner a free item or discount. Now a user can study the history of a business and really gain a feel for what the business is about. With larger pictures and a more visually stunning look, Timeline can easily serve as a blog providing fans with more chances to engage. Businesses will now no longer feel bad about sending a user to a Facebook page instead of a website. Both channels can now be just as informative. It will make content creation easier by providing an outline.

Timeline is a move in the right direction for Facebook and for the companies that leverage Facebook Pages. The insights gained from Timeline, the modern user interface and the increased interaction capability can help a small business owner extend their brand and online presence. Switch your profile over the Timeline and let us know what you think, or connect with Cara Hawkins to discuss her article.

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