Happy Thanksgiving From The Social Distillery Team!

After a busy and exciting year at Social Distillery, our team has plenty to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Here’s what’s at the top of each of our gratitude lists.

Robynne Trifiletti, Strategic Account Coordinator:

This year, I’m thankful for Snapchat Memories. No seriously. I’m a big fan of capturing real-time, in-the-moment content, and with these new capabilities, Snapchat (and everyone’s favorite copycat, Instagram) has really raised the creative bar! No longer do you have to spend hours crafting the perfect ongoing story at the exact moment you want to press send. Now YOU hold the power of time, enabling you to plan and perfect those silly snaps in advance. Thank you Snapchat!

Heather Coffee, Community Manager Intern 

As my time at Social Distillery wraps up, I’m humbled and grateful for the time I’ve had at such a delightful agency. I’ve learned an incredible amount about the industry, how to be a successful community manager, and how to balance working hard and playing hard. I’m also thankful for: Cheez-Its, team happy hours, Spotify Premium, HR stars, and laughter.

Ryan Johnston, Director of Content:

In this time of thanks I like to reflect on all the things that impact my daily life that I may typically take for granted, such as:

  • Google’s autocomplete – I had no idea so many people were also wondering why cats like Hitlerimg_7092
  • Siri’s voice recognition – I definitely meant to say “bring the fleas for the burgers”
  • Facebook news – who needs resources when the text is just right there over the image


The list could go on, but I’m also thankful that Apple keeps me top of mind in making sure that their batteries don’t have too much life so I can escape the clutches of the Internet and bask in a moment of reality. ️

Shelly Crossland, Community Manager:

November marked my one year anniversary at Social Distillery, which gave me a lot to be thankful for (top of the list being the flowers, cookie cake, and card from my awesome coworkers.) But seriously, looking back on this year I feel grateful for a lot, mainly the chance to work with a variety of clients, which has allowed me to gain new skills and experience in multiple areas of social media. Other honorable mentions for thanks include: Instagram and Snapchat for providing endless entertainment, and office snacks for keeping me going throughout the day.

Ariele Rosche, Art Director:

I am thankful that making things pretty isn’t only relegated to designers anymore. This year so many new and improved apps have allowed just about anyone to create beautiful content. Check out Pablo, PicMonkey or Canva as examples.

Hailey Whidden, Account Coordinator:

Never underestimate the power of simple pleasures. These are a few things I’m grateful for:

  • My Co-workers


  • Coffee


  • Animal videos


Kristen Sussman, President & Founder:

I’m incredibly thankful for Social Distillery, our clients, partners and team. As an agency, we continue to grow in an ever-challenging space—the agency world. With focus to provide strategic partnerships that are based on performance and business impact accountability, we’re especially thankful for our clients as they understand this shared commitment to successful, results-generating marketing. As we look forward to 2017, I’ll be giving thanks to all of our trusted partners, old and new.

From our team to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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