How to Capitalize on Social Media Holidays

It’s starting to seem like every day is “National Something” day. Not only are there individual days, but weeks and months are also themed to support awareness of different occupations, diseases, or social issues. While it may seem overwhelming, it can be a great way to inject your brand into a bigger conversation.

No matter what industry you are in, there are many social media holidays that you can capitalize on. Linking your brand with these days makes you seem much more relevant, timely, and even light-hearted (depending on the day). Recognizing these days also allows your brand to capitalize on trending hashtags or topics that may get you exposure to a larger audience. It also allows you to get your name out there without being overtly promotional. When it comes to capitalizing on these content days, here are some best practices to keep in mind:

  1. Choose your content days wisely (Don’t capitalize on every content day). You shouldn’t even capitalize on all the days relevant to you. Let a few go by as to not appear gimmicky. There may be an applicable social media holiday on Monday, but there may be a better one on Wednesday. It is all about picking the day that makes the most sense to your brand.
  2. The day has to be relevant to your brand. A make-up line shouldn’t try to capitalize on National Ballpoint Pen Day unless they can make a really convincing correlation. The easier the correlation, the better. If you are a book retail chain and Leather Day and Catcher in the Rye Day are on the same day, it would make more sense to highlight Catcher in the Rye than to make a correlation to leather-bound books.
  3. Don’t promote on all channels. Unless this holiday is a really big deal to you and relates directly to your business, you shouldn’t make it the focus of that day’s social content.
  4. Make sure the holiday is real. I get emails from retailers all the time focusing on a specific content day. However, when I check social media and other outlets, I find very few mentions of it. If no one else cares about the day, you shouldn’t either. I like to use Brownie Locks as my database for holidays.
  5. Make your posts count. Don’t post just to post. If you’re going to mention National Cake Day, you better have that on your menu or at least share a good recipe or gif.
  6. Remember the months. Don’t be so focused on looking for specific content days that you neglect to realize a ‘national week or month’ that your brand can also relate to.
  7. Don’t neglect “regular” holidays. It is easy to get so wrapped up in “fun” holidays that you miss more obvious ones like President’s Day.
  8. Don’t knock the silly ones. Almost any company could participate on Have Fun at Work Day or National Nachos Day. You can use these days to promote company culture.
  9. Don’t forget the local holidays. If your business has more of a local footprint than a national one, consider local holidays or events that may be relevant like a tree lighting at the start of the holiday season or a day dedicated to a local hero.

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No matter if you’re a medical supply company or a food truck, nail salon or a law firm, any brand can use social media to capitalize on holidays of all levels of seriousness. Join the conversation and start celebrating holidays you never knew existed!

Personally, I’m partial to National Margarita Day and National Cuddle Day but be sure to follow me on Twitter to see which days I’ll be celebrating. You can also check out my website to see what other social media thoughts and tips I may have.

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