Social Media Love: Getting Inspired By The One and Only, Jane Ko

For the past few days, we’ve shared 4 stories of deep and beautiful love… Social Media love that is. We’ve dreamed of jewnicorns with Jewish food connoisseur, Amy Kritzer. We caught up on Beyonce with global, social superstar, Meredith Gonsalves. Learned some lessons in human behavior with the thought provoking, Tim Hayden. And most recently, sat down with and the epic organizing team behind Austin’s first ever Social Media Week, Claire Winslow and Ashland Viscosi to dive into the power of social.

To cap off this love story series, we decided to show some serious heart emoji’s to one of Austin’s most successful influencers, the fantastic Jane Ko, or as you may know her, A Taste of Koko.

SD: Jane, how did A Taste of Koko get started?

JK: I started the blog 7 years ago, this March actually! It came from a bit of a midlife crisis when I was working on my nutrition degree at UT. I thought a blog would be a good add on to my portfolio. It hasn’t been an overnight success but I took it day by day. Initially, it was actually for recipes. I loved to bake and even had a macaron baking company at one point… but that was a long time ago. One day I got a restaurant invitation and that changed everything. I switched to restaurant coverage and now today I’m the official Restaurant Expert for Visit Austin Texas.

SD: When I spoke with Amy Kritzer, she told me about an “aha moment” that made her focus from blogging as a hobby to investing in it full time. Did you have a similar experience?

JK: I got really lucky. The Mutual of Omaha found me in Austin and put it on their network about a month after I launched my blog. That’s when I started to see growth. It’s been really great hearing people tell me “you’ve helped me navigate through Austin.” But my blog has evolved a lot since those early years. 3 years ago I bought my house and since then a lot of the content has transitioned to more lifestyle and travel.

SD: What’s been your favorite part about being a professional blogger and influencer?

JK: Women really resonate with women. So because of that, I’ve been told that a lot of women take inspiration from what I’ve done and quit their jobs to start their own small business. That’s my favorite part of blogging. Knowing that women feel like, “If Jane can do it, I can do it!”

SD: We’ve had the pleasure of talking with a few other Social Media Week leaders throughout these interviews. You’re also involved with the conference. What do attendees have to look forward to from you?

JK: I’m leading a mentorship panel about influencers. A lot of people reach out and ask about how I do what I do or “what’s the secret to your success?” I’ve also been hired by companies to consult on how to work with influencers effectively. People are always surprised that I’m happy to share these “industry secrets”  but I think it’s important to be transparent about what I do. SoI’ll be answering these questions.

SD: I’d assume you spend a lot of time on social media given your career but what do you love most about it?

JK: It’s become this platform that not only allows people to share content but it also offers the chance to inspire people to do things that they’ve always wanted to do.  There are so many wonderful creative initiatives on social media that can drive someone to go after their dreams. It’s like I said before, “If Jane can do it, I can do it.” Being a blogger has been really rewarding because I witness on social media how others have been inspired by my journey and they are now doing something they’ve always wanted to do.

Meet Jane Ko and here her expert advice during Social Media Week Independent Austin on Tuesday, February 28th @ 9AM.


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