Social Media Love: Our Chat with Social Guru Meredith Gonsalves

As a social media agency, we know how much we love social… hint: it’s a lot. That’s why it’s always nice to break out of the Social Distillery bubble and chat with other marketers in the digital space. Cue our recent interview with local social guru, Meredith Gonsalves.

Meredith certainly knows a thing or two about social media. She’s not only a Senior Consultant for the Deloitte Global social media team, she’s also a regular Workshop Instructor at General Assembly. Needless to say, we were over the moon to sit down with her for our “Social Media Love” series.

SD: Meredith, I feel like you have your hands in everything social media these days. Has this always been your passion?

MG: I actually started out wanting to be a journalist. But even in school, I knew I didn’t want to be a traditional reporter. In the middle of my undergrad, Twitter launched and I learned quickly how social media could help journalists break stories. Fun fact about me – While in school, I interned at CBS News and created a Twitter account to track stories for CBS. I feel fortunate because I was able to recognize early on the value of digital media. 

SD: At what point did you fully transition from journalism to the strategic consultant you are today?

MG: Even through multiple job opportunities, social media was always a piece of what I did. In my last position before joining Deloitte, I was a Social Media Strategist. But before that, I had always been a content person. That role taught me pretty quickly that teams really need a strategic, dedicated resource to compete. 

SD: You’re on the roster for the upcoming SMWiAustin. What will you be bringing to the table during this three-day conference? 

MG: I’ll be representing both Deloitte and General Assembly by hosting two Master Classes – Instagram for Business and Social Media Strategy. 

SD: These are two topics that are very popular in the digital marketing world. But I’m sure this material can be pretty broad or extremely focused depending on the audience. Who would you recommend attend? 

MG: The person who would get the most value from these Master Classes is someone who has a basic understanding and is aware of social media’s use case for business but maybe isn’t well versed when it comes to developing campaigns creatively.

SD: Ok Meredith, now it’s time for the question I know you’ve been waiting for. What do you love most about social media?

MG: I had to ask Google first! No, I think what I like most is the fact that it connects you with the world in the most stereotypical way. What I mean by that is, we have such accessibility to connect to our leaders, celebrities, brands, communities. It feels innately inclusive in that we can connect to people and brands we wouldn’t typically have access to, and then also have a platform to engage one to one. It’s a common thread. Like, “Did you see what Beyonce posted on Instagram the other day?” Of course you did! We all did! It’s all happening on this thing that we share in common and I think that’s really cool. 

You can catch the always-entertaining Meredith Gonsalves on Instagram @msmeredithrose or during her Master Class sessions at Social Media Week Independent Austin.

Social Media Strategy Mapping | Monday, February 27th @ 10AM
Instagram for Business | Tuesday, Februart 2th @ 10AM

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