More Facebook News Feed Updates – The Show Must Go On


As social media managers and marketers digest the Facebook news bomb that was dropped last week by Zuckerberg, strategies abound for how to counteract this huge change. Here at Social Distillery we have been bouncing ideas around and strategizing on how we can help our clients through this transition. Everyone has an opinion or idea of how to tackle this change. However, when I need to find the most breaking social news, I turn to Social Media Examiner and Michael Stelzner for the skinny.

Facebook News Feed Update


Here’s the breakdown:

• Facebook will show less public content, including videos and other posts from publishers or businesses

• Pages may see their reach, video watch time and referral traffic decrease

• If using a scheduling software for your blog posts, stop scheduling immediately. Facebook will penalize for sharing links to your website

• If your organic posts don’t normally get any reactions or comments, stop posting. You could be penalized further for non-engaging content

• Create posts that encourage a friend to friend conversation on your page. Once they start talking, keep them talking on your page

• Teach your fans to select See First in News Feed preferences. That way they don’t miss your page posts

• Page posts that generate conversation between people will show higher in the News Feed

• Live videos are the way to go to increase your friend to friend conversations and engagements on your page

• “Engagement-Bait” will be the end of you. If you are goading people into commenting on posts, Facebook will see this as an insincere interaction and will demote those posts

QUALITY – QUALITY – QUALITY High-quality content that sparks conversation will be rewarded with prime real estate in the news feed


I put my social media reporter hat on and asked the Social Distillery team what they thought of all the hubbub. Our President and Founder, Kristen Sussman had this to say.

“We’ll have to wait and see exactly what this means for our content’s reach and engagement, but seeing that 96% of people either ‘Liked’ or ‘Loved’ Mark Zuckerberg’s post about the update tells me that people are eager for News Feed improvements.” 

Kristen Sussman on Facebook News Feed Change


I wrapped up my research by talking with two of our amazing Community Managers and got their take on how they are pivoting for our clients.

Alex Serrano –

While this algorithm change is alarming, I feel like this is just another hurdle Social Media Managers have to jump over. In our industry, we have to constantly adapt and react to the changes in our field. My tips: pay to play, focus on producing high quality, engaging content and foster great conversations on behalf of our clients. We got this.” 

Tara Holmes –

“This shift could potentially open up new avenues for other platforms like Twitter. If consumers are interested in seeing specific brand’s content they might turn to Twitter if Facebook is no longer providing this for them.”

And what do I think? Well, the saying, ‘The Show Must Go On’ comes to mind. When is Facebook NOT changing? When is Facebook NOT making it more of a challenge for marketers and businesses to get their message out? Regardless of how many changes Facebook makes, we will keep moving forward. We will pivot, adjust, 180, 360, whatever it takes. If I have learned anything in my 8+ years in the social media business, it would be that resilience is rewarded with success and longevity.

The Show Must Go On…

If you’re so inclined, enable See First from our Social Distillery Facebook Page by clicking on the “Following” drop-down > selecting “see first”

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