Support national growth and expansion of Chuy’s Restaurants by educating new markets on the unique Tex-Mex concept, developing creative social experiences that drive in-store purchase intention and supporting attribution and measurement of the ROI driven from social media activities.

The Game Plan

Social Strategy / Social Media Consulting / Campaigns / Branded Content

Social Distillery was hired to provide a data-driven social strategy, infuse social media best practices into the organization and develop creative campaigns to drive sales.

The Execution

Social Strategy

As a rapidly growing restaurant chain, Chuy’s tapped Social Distillery to gain a better understanding of their current audience, gather insight on prospective local communities and build a solid plan for social to help educate and activate those individuals to patronize their local Chuy’s restaurant. With in-depth analysis of social activities from Chuy’s and its competitors, detailed demographics of digital communities and extensive experience with social best practices, Social Distillery outlined a concept to achieve both corporate and local level goals aimed at leveraging social campaigns to increase sales at Chuy’s locations across the country.

Social Media Consulting

Day-to-day consulting on social best practices and assistance with implementation helped Chuy’s grow their social reach and increase visibility within their community, as well as their organization. A local content plan was developed to enable each restaurant to supplement the overall and individual social ecosystem. Additionally, new store opening plans were developed, building a scalable template to rollout nationally.

Integrated Social Campaigns

Providing unique experiences is what makes Chuy’s stand out from its competitors and a large part of the Social Strategy revolved around highlighting current activities and building a digital component to annual events and campaigns.

2016 was driven by three large campaigns: The Tex-Mex Showdown, Green Chile Fest and Holiday Campaign. While each campaign had its own unique goal, they were all designed to increase awareness, build the Chuy’s community and make a measurable impact on sales.

With these campaigns alone, Social Distillery helped Chuy’s reach an audience of over 30 million individuals, grow the Chuy’s community by over 85k new fans and directly contributed more than $90k in sales.

Content Generation

With an understanding that authentic content is at the core of social success, Social Distillery was leveraged to conceive and create social videos and graphics to capitalize on real-time opportunities and drive daily social engagement.

The Results

30 Million

impressions from creative social campaigns


higher average monthly social growth



higher average monthly social engagement


increase in average weekly sales while running social ads

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