Lots of restaurants market themselves as serving “fresh” food. However, few of them actually mean it. In an effort to stand apart from the competition, Chuy’s asked Social Distillery to create a campaign to show off their made-from-scratch mission.

The Game Plan

Social Strategy / Graphic Design / Campaigns / Branded Content / Paid Social Promotion

With a focus on humor, Social Distillery created an integrated social-first campaign using online content, influencer marketing and in store activations to drive restaurant visits.

The Execution

The Big Idea

With so much emphasis on the word “fresh” in advertising it’s become a bad word to many restaurants. Thinking in terms of the f-word, Social Distillery created the hashtag #ChuysAF to drive home the overall campaign messaging through a three-pronged approach… because AF stands for Always Fresh right?

  1. If you are familiar with the popular AF slang term, you’ll be in on the campaign joke that AF does not actually stand for Always Fresh.
  2. If this is the first time you’ve heard the term AF, this campaign will make you think it’s only meaning is Always Fresh.
  3. Chuy’s is known for it’s quirkiness, therefore calling something #ChuysAF is a compliment to the Chuy’s culture.


Always Fresh

Knowing this campaign could be controversial, Social Distillery recognized the importance of the campaign’s message delivery. A series of short videos were produced starring Chuy’s head of kitchen operations Raul Herrera as our loveable Chuy’s spokesperson. Raul took viewers behind-the-scenes to highlight why Chuy’s AF means Chuy’s Always Fresh.

Tapping Into Influencers

In an effort to spread the #ChuysAF word, Social Distillery invited local influencers to take a behind-the-scenes tour of a Chuy’s restaurant. John Mountford (Chuy’s VP of Culinary Operations) and Raul served as hosts, while the Social Distillery team captured every moment for a documentary style video series. Following the tour, influencers created #ChuysAF giveaways for their unique social media communities.

Audience Engagement

To extend #ChuyAF beyond social media, tiny food flags were placed in every Chuy’s dish during the entire four-week campaign. The food flags were designed to be simple, saying only the words #ChuysAF. Diners were instantly drawn to the hot pink flags and without any call to action, started posting photos of them online using the hashtag, ChuysAF. To thank fans and followers for playing along, Social Distillery began using surprise and delight tactics to reward those who shared their flags.

The Results


food flags

+ 5 Million



video views


uses of #ChuysAF

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