Driving registrations, raising NF awareness.


Cupid’s Undie Run, a non-profit fun run benefiting The Children’s Tumor Foundation, partnered with Social Distillery for full-scale social media management and paid social promotion. Their goal? Increase 2015 race registrations and raise $3 million to help kids fighting neurofibromatosis (NF).

The Game Plan

Advertising / Social Media Management

After in-depth research and discovery, Social Distillery put together a content mix and media plan that would help drive registrations, increase website traffic and encourage organic engagement over the five months prior to the run, which happens around Valentine’s Day each year.

The Execution

Driving registrations through social advertising

Social media is now a pay-to-play marketing channel. We managed Cupid’s Undie Run social media budget across Facebook and Twitter with the goal of driving event registrations, increasing brand awareness and community growth. By February, social media had driven over half a million sessions on Cupid’s Undie Run’s website (up 27% from the previous year). Social media for the 2015 race accounted for 42% of web traffic, compared with 32% the year prior. Social media efforts also drove more than 3,000 registrations, with ads achieving a cost-per-conversion as low as $1.95.

Building a fun brand voice

Through fun content and boosted posts, we were able to drive almost 550,000 engagements with the Facebook page over five months. The slogan ‘content is king’ was reinforced after determining that Instagram, the platform that has little ability to drive direct traffic, had the strongest correlation of website traffic and registrations. Through additional analysis we determined that a 1% increase in Instagram followers was associated with a 3.4% increase in website sessions. We also learned that a 1% increase in Instagram Followers was associated with a 1.7% increase in registrations.

Highlighting the cause

Each year Cupid’s Undie Run selects a NF Hero from each of their cities; they each have a story that pulls at the heart strings. To highlight the importance of fundraising for The Children’s Tumor foundation, we created graphics to share across corporate and local social channels. We were happy to share these graphics with the NF Hero families so they could ‘feel the love’ and share with their networks. It’s very important to empower and celebrate your brand’s advocates.

The Results

38% Community Growth

on Facebook over 5 months

Over half a million website sessions

driven by social media (+27% from previous year)

Over 3,000 Registrations

driven by social over 5 months

$1.95 cost-per-conversion

lowest CPCon achieved by ads

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