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With the Office Hero television commercial airing in Times Square, Social Distillery joined forces with Jive Software in the summer of 2012 to introduce the Office Hero brand persona across social channels.

The Game Plan

Office Hero Campaign

Lightening the tone of the brand, the Office Hero persona added a humorous, inspirational voice, encouraging middle management to break free of red tape, by introducing Jive. Jive Software trial conversions and website traffic were tracked through analytics to prove social media communications effectiveness. The campaign was proven extremely effective at driving trials and developing leads, and we continue to work with Jive Software more than 3 years later.

The Execution

Launching the First Business-2-Business Persona on Social Media

We were thrilled to help Jive Software launch the first B2B persona on social media. The Jive Office Hero helped re-position the corporate brand, built relationships with key influencers, drove Jive 30-day trials, and increased social engagement and sentiment. Strong advertising performance resulted in a 6% click through rate, when most B2B metrics are in the 1-2% range. Two weeks after the campaign launched, the Facebook community increased engagement from 5.9% to 45%, growing 100% in size. The campaign also drove qualified leads and 31 software trials performing 43% better than email and 174% better than other media outlets (i.e. Wired, WSJ).

Bringing the Jive Office Hero to Life

Social Distillery leveraged interactive media assets (video, animated gifs, still frame graphics) provided by Jive and created a voice for the Jive Office Hero persona that brought him to life on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Campaign goals were met and exceeded, and we had a ton of fun stepping into his shoes to make this persona real. He was liberating, honest, edgy, authentic, forward thinking and inspiring. His message was that anyone can be an office hero, he encouraged constructive deconstruction and was all about slaying the status quo.

Taking Over Times Square

Part of the campaign involved the Office Hero making an appearance on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square. Not only was the video (see below) seen on the tower, but being on the side of an office building was the perfect opportunity to made it look like the Office Hero was inside the office and that constructive deconstruction was taking place within that very office. We supported this amazing advertising opportunity creating witty buzz before, during and after on social media. The Office Hero was bigger than life on that day!

The Results

100% Engagement Growth

on Facebook 2 weeks after launch


of YouTube video after one month

6% Click Through Rate

on advertising

31 Software Trials

driven by campaign

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