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Other World Computing (OWC) has been providing quality hardware products and support to the computer industry since 1988 and features one of the largest online catalogs of computer, iPod®, iPhone®, and iPad® enhancement products. OWC started working with Social Distillery in April of 2013 with goals to grow their community, drive leads and increase sales, as well as to collect email addresses for additional marketing.

The Game Plan

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Distillery developed a plan to create and launch fully integrated social media marketing campaigns and executed community management. Social media proved to be a valid marketing channel, resulting in ROI and driving leads. Increased community management also offered OWC opportunities for customer care improvements and customer relationship nurturing.

The Execution

Celebrating 25 Years of Business

To celebrate 25 years of business, we developed a creative social media campaign to engage brand loyalists and build OWC’s customer database (email acquisition).

  • Using Facebook ads promotion, the #25YearsofOWC campaign doubled the amount of impressions Facebook posts reached, achieving 1 million potential views over the course of 25 days.
  • OWC’s Facebook community grew 59% during the campaign, exceeding the pre-campaign goal by 303%, bringing the total Facebook fan count to almost 10,000.
  • This campaign produced over 6,000 interactions including clicks, comments or likes.
  • We gained over 1,200 unique registrations for the app, which exceeded the pre-campaign goal by 60%.
  • 9% of the registrants were referrals, participants who were directed to the app from the social sharing feature.

Building OWC’s Customer Database

To help further increase email subscriptions, Social Distillery developed a Valentine’s themed campaign that ran the entire month of February. The campaign included humorous Facebook ads designed to draw in a broader audience. The ads directed users to a Facebook app where they were prompted to sign up for OWC’s email list in order to receive subscriber-exclusive deals. Valentine’s campaign ads achieved an average Click Through Rate (CTR) of 2.46%, 146% better than the target CTR and 143% better than December’s average of 1% CTR (which is deemed a successful percentage for Facebook).

Promoting OWC Holiday Sales

To increase sales of popular giftable items from Other World Computing and drive email subscriptions around the winter holidays we leveraged Facebook advertising.

The Results

58% Community Growth

on Facebook over 6 months

1,476% more people reached on Facebook

compared to previous year

over 300 emails acquired

through social over 6 months

more than $30,000 in revenue

driven by social over 6 months

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