Chuy’s Tex-Mex Restaurants came to Social Distillery with one simple request — drive butts in seats. Armed with a 60-second TV commercial, we created a full-scale, summer campaign aimed at boosting in-store sales and increasing awareness for Chuy’s fresh menu.

The Game Plan

Social Strategy / Branded Content / Paid Social Promotion / Campaigns 

Following in-depth research and discovery into the Chuy’s community, Social Distillery established a social-first content mix and media plan using short videos, static posts and incentive marketing to increase menu awareness, drive restaurant sales and measure online traffic.

The Execution

Social First Approach

Prior to collaborating with Social Distillery, Chuy’s created a high-production, 60-second commercial. With consumer research supporting shorter video consumption, as well as, social platform algorithms rewarding this type of content, Social Distillery started editing. Several 6-15 second, social-friendly videos were created using additional organic content created in-house in addition to the existing video footage.

These quirky, “social first” videos served as an entertaining educational tool for the Chuy’s community. Each piece of branded content focused on one of Chuy’s defining differences and highlighted their dedication to fresh food.

Add An Incentive

With the awareness goal covered, it was time to tackle the larger challenge — sales. As Social Distillery’s first social media campaign with Chuy’s, it was important to prove the value of social media by driving an impactful return on investment (ROI). An incentive component was offered to add a layer of social success verification. Using a microsite, Chuy’s offered a free appetizer to anyone who entered the “Tex-Mex Challenge” within certain incentive markets.

Keep A Control

Priority DMAs and locations were identified within the national rollout to test the impact of “incentive content”. While mainly a barometer for ROI, this approach also served as a control group for measuring the effectiveness of campaigns and content with and without an incentive. Although not surprising, it was a strong strategic affirmation to see incentive driven campaigns drive an 89% higher average engagement rate over non-incentive locations.

Tracking Showdown Success

By measuring the number of redeemed offers and the average associated check price, we were able to show a 117% ROI within incentive markets. While this was more than enough to prove success there was another surprising metric that helped emphasize the effectiveness of the Tex-Mex Showdown— overall average check rate. People who redeemed our offer spent an average of $3.90 more per check than those who did not. This is even after removing the total cost of the app.

The Results

5.5 Million

total video views


new fans


offer redemptions


ROI in incentive markets

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