The SD Team Prepares for Austin Design Week

It’s common knowledge that Austin is one creative city. Which is why an event like Austin Design Week is an obvious opportunity for our talented town. But what is Austin Design Week (we’ll call it ADW for short) exactly? I think ADW co- founder, Danielle Barnes said it best:

“The mission of Austin Design Week is to bring together designers from across disciplines and verticals to learn from one another, showcase their work, and build community. At the same time, Austin Design Week will expose the larger Austin population to the work being done in their own backyard, and ultimately put Austin on the map as a world-class center of design.”

For one week (November 7th – 11th) designers, organizations, studios, companies and thought leaders will be teaching workshops, showcasing their studios and work and coming together for evening talks and receptions. The best part about ADW? It’s all FREE!

Austin Design Week Mission

But events like Austin Design Week don’t just happen. They are carefully crafted, planned and organized. There are many moving pieces, and I’m proud to say Social Distillery has played a part in the process. Since July, we’ve been working behind-the-scenes as the voice of ADW’s social channels – I have to give a big shout out to our interns Paige and Heather who curate most of the tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram photos you see!

#DesignWeLove posts from the @austindesignweek Instagram

#DesignWeLove posts from the @austindesignweek Instagram

We’ve been having a lot of fun with this collaboration especially on Instagram, where we developed the #DesignWeLove series. ADW is all about celebrating Austin design, and what better way to do that than by highlighting different designers, creative agencies and design-minded organizations all over our city. A warning to anyone who decides to follow @austindesignweek online… prepare to be inspired!

If you want to learn more about ADW or attend an event (or two… or hey, even twelve!) register online here.
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