Social Media Horoscopes: April 2017

We like our social strategy with a big juicy side of data and a flirty dash of star signs. See what’s in store in your social media future this April…

(March 21 – April 19)
Dear Aries, lately you’ve been doubting your Instagram curation game but now is the time to break free from your fears and follow your instincts. If your gut says to post that political meme, go for it! Who cares if it stands out in your feed and only gets 12 ❤️’s. If you love it, that’s all that matters. You’ll be feeling this #IDGAF spark all month long so ride the wave of confidence and let your social star shine.

(April 20 – May 20)
April may feel like a slow start, leaving you with little motivation to scroll through your feed. But rest assured, by the 5th you’ll be back to your old ways of Snapping up a storm. Your keen understanding of communication will come in handy on the 11th when a Facebook dispute goes nuclear. Use Messenger to take control of the situation by removing the conversation from the public eye. At the end of the month, set your phone to Do Not Disturb and catch up with bae over a good old fashioned Netflix and Chill night in.

(May 21 – June 21)
Staring at stunning IG feeds all day long might have you dreaming about revamping your own, dear Gemini. But before you jump into a full-blow rebrand, think about what your perfect online presence would look like. You’ll be hyper-focused on the 12th. Use this natural high to create a mood board on Pinterest or internet stalk….er, we mean “observe”, your fave influencers. If you’re still ready to take the leap, there is no time like the 30th to announce this new endeavor to your loving friends and followers.

(June 22 – July 22)
You are the social 👸  of your circle this month, dear Cancer. Gather the gang together for an impromptu Springtime activity. Romp through a flower field or host a foodie-focused picnic in the park. All fun, all highly grammable! Mid-month, take some YOU time. Treat yo self at that new spa you’ve been seeing pop up in your newsfeed. $10 off when you like their page?! Done and done.

(July 23 – August 22)
Prepare for it now, dear Leo because the first of the month is going to be a doozy. An unexpected peer will challenge your recent shares (Fake News alert!) so be cautious by reading first and posting second. By the 9th you’ll be bursting with creativity. Put this energy to good use by collaborating with that local micro influencer you’ve been fangirling over. At the end of the month, take some time to learn some killer Snapchat techniques. After all, with Story copycats popping up left and right, these tricks are sure to translate to your other channels soon.

(August 23 – September 22)
With the recent string of he-said-she-said fake news creeping around our feeds, it’s no wonder you’re on high alert, dear Virgo. Restrain your urge to critique in the comments. You’ll find a thoughtful DM will serve its purpose without rubbing your friends the wrong way. By mid-month, you’ll be ready for some social Spring cleaning! Unfollow those random high school bros and while you’re at it, do you still actually “like” One Direction? On the 30th get in touch with your philosophical side by preparing for your next #mondaymotivation post.

(September 23 – October 23)
This April, focus on the little things like National Pet Day on the 11th or National Picnic Day on the 23rd, dear Libra. These mini social media holidays will keep your month filled with joy and LOLs. On the 16th, you’ll be feeling smitten and flirty after being tagged by an admirer. Send them a message to let them know you’d be down to swipe right. On the 30th take a day off from posting about your adventures and show some like love to your friends and family.

(October 24 – November 20)
Watch out, dear Scorpio because you are about to fall head over heals into a Spring fling! AKA every Monday will be #mcm from here on out. But even though your head is in the clouds doesn’t mean the world stops. Be alert for problems with your bestie mid-month. Having a fun gif on hand might just do the trick to smooth things over. Might we suggest this classic?

(November 21 – December 20)
Misspelled posts and awkward photo bombs feel like they are plaguing you around the 1st, dear Sagittarius, leaving you wondering what’s an #AprilFools joke and what’s reality. Do your best to roll with these bizarre punches and by the 5th your newsfeed will be back on track. Starting on the 20th you’ll be swimming in a sea of social love but watch out, lately, it’s harder to tell the real profiles from those spammy bots. Keep a close eye on your activity and block any unwanted followers.

(December 23 – January 20)
Your creativity is on fire, dear Capricorn and you have the likes to prove it! It takes guts to try new things but pushing your creative content boundaries is paying off and gaining you a lot of new attention. Keep this us up and you could soon be, dare we say, influencer status. You’ll feel a dip in energy mid-month but will soon be invigorated by a newly discovered Pinterest board. At the end of the month, dedicate a post to send thanks to your friends, family and followers. #Blessed

(January 21 – February 21)
Dear Aquarius, ask yourself what you really want out of social media? Is it a platform for connection, a place to document your life, or a way to express yourself creatively? Whatever you decide, focus this month on making your Facebook truly representative of YOU. On the 28th you’ll notice a friend’s cry for help in a cryptic Tweet. You may be tempted to retweet their drama but this time take the conversation offline. Some problems can’t be solved with a clever meme or emoji.

(February 22 – March 20)
Spring is in the air and you have the flower crown posts to prove it. With a pep in your step, your Tweets and Stories feel more effortless than usual. Your love life is also abuzz with flirty Snap exchanges filling your days. But it’s not all rainbow vom and puppy filters. On the 15th a sudden and shocking Facebook announcement will send you back to reality through the 21st. Rest up after the drama passes and you’ll be ready to rock a #FreshAF attitude through the 30th.

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