SXSW PanelPicker: How Business Grows When Workers Jump Out of Planes


What is “How Business Grows When Workers Jump Out of Planes”?

Insights and Social Distillery are teaming together in hopes of being chosen as a part of the 2016 SXSW Interactive Festival from March 11th – March 15th. The proposed panel is “How Business Grows When Workers Jump Out Of Planes”.

In this session, Insights, a global development company, and Social Distillery, a social media marketing agency, will discuss how using employee engagement strategies help create shared experiences and enable shared understanding for their employees and how that contributes to increased business scalability and growth.

Previously, Social Distillery partnered with Insights using the Insights Discovery Personal Effectiveness program to inspire their team to greater performance. Just recently, Social Distillery celebrated their 4 year anniversary by skydiving. Like two person sky-diving, business growth and great talent work in tandem. This panel, if chosen, will help all types of business owners, HR managers and learning consultants scale their business size and profitability. Marketers may also benefit from this session to learn of ways to market their business to prospective employees.

What is SXSW PanelPicker?

PanelPicker is the official SXSW user-generated session submission platform/program. Ideas are selected based off of community voting, the SXSW staff and advisory board. Online voting is 30% of how presentations are chosen. The other aspects of how presentations are chosen are by SXSW staff consideration (which is 30%) and SXSW advisory board consideration (which is 40%). Public online voting started on Monday, August 10th and goes through Friday, September 4th.

How can you help?

We need your help! There are thousands of proposed panels for the event and only a handful will be chosen. So please head over to the SXSW PanelPicker and be sure to:

      1. Vote by giving our panel a thumbs up

      2. Comment on why you would like to see this panel at SXSW

      3. Promote/ask your contacts to vote for our panel on your social media accounts

Thanks, and we hope to see you next March!

For more information about Insights’ and Social Distillery’s proposed SXSW panel, visit here.

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