Social Media Love: Breaking Down Social Media Behaviors with Tim Hayden


Social Media is an ever-evolving beast. It’s gone from a simple space of connectivity to a major marketing tool driven by big budgets and even bigger mounds of data. On the surface, it might just be a place to air out your political grievances and share cat videos but to the marketers who are actually in the trenches of the social sphere, we know it’s a vastly complex machine.

Thank goodness there are smart leaders like Tim Hayden (President and Co-Managing Partner at Brain+Trust Partners), among us to navigate through this tricky social web. We had the pleasure chatting with Tim to pick his brain on the state of our industry and discover what he loves most about social media.

SD: Ok Tim, first off talk to me about your company, Brain+Trust Partners.

TH: I’m fascinated by recent major shifts in human behavior. And at Brain+Trust Partners we help large companies redo their entire customer experience, from technology solutions and process improvement and overall business strategy, to support and augment what humans do best.

SD: We were introduced because of our mutual connection with the upcoming Social Media Week Independent Austin. What will you be bringing to the table for this event?

TH: I’m very excited because Brain+Trust Partners will be serving as a sponsor. I’ve been a fan of Social Media Week conferences for a long time, having been involved in both the LA and New York events in the past. For Austin, I’ll be hosting my own workshop session on how to capitalize on mobility and how to do so beyond social media. You see it’s not the device that’s mobile, it’s the person. You have technology everywhere. There are new and emerging ways to engage customers, through analog advertising, social media and technology like artificial intelligence, smart wifi, geofencing and bluetooth. You have all kinds of ways the devices we carry connect to each other the rest of the network. So in the workshop, we’ll talk about how companies can work with all of this.

I’m also sitting a panel with fellow Brain+Trust partner Christopher Barger and Spredfast’s Natanya Anderson – Brand survival in a post-factual world. Whether it’s bad data, poor communication between internal teams or fake news, businesses and consumers are making bad decisions based on headlines and not investing in deep thought.

SD: With such a unique perspective on human behavior, I’d love to know where you see the future of social media is headed?

TH: How long do you have? I’ll give you a digestible answer. The near term (3-5 years) will look more like virtual reality where social media truly is social. Where it’s an immersive experience. Social media brought us together like a campfire but it’s gotten in its own way. It’s at a crossroads right now where we will gravitate to more physical, albeit virtual, experiences…

SD: Dare I ask… What do you love about social media, Tim?

TH: From a customer and connective intelligence standpoint, nothing is better for immediate reactions on the wants and needs of the public. Personally, I love it because of the ongoing connective tissue that social media presents. Knowing when a friend is in need, when they have child, knowing when to celebrate their victories virtually or even knowing when to call.

SD: Do you have a favorite social platform?

TH: I was a big fan of the old Instagram…before it mocked Snapchat and became an advertising network like Facebook.

SD: Preach!

TH: I also really like Path. It’s a true friend social network. You’re limited to only 150 connections, which is based on Dunbar’s Law. It’s private. There are no algorithms and no advertising that get in the way of exchanges with friends.

Hear more from Tim on Twitter @TheTimHayden or during the upcoming SMWiAustin.

 Brand Survival in a Post-Factual World | Tuesday, February 28th @ 10:30am
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