Timeline for Brands: New Updates Improve Engagement

What does this actually look like? We crunched the numbers from our customer’s health and beauty product’s global Facebook brand page. When comparing engagement metrics from two weeks prior to the Timeline update to engagement achieved two weeks following, we saw a 40% increase in Facebook engagement (likes, clicks, and comments). With no change in content cadence, strategy or topic, the engagement increase is wholly attributed to the new visual, story-like display of content. And according to Mashable, we’re not the only ones who saw this very encouraging data. Nice work Facebook; You’re always one step ahead of us.

Feb. 21st – March 5th: Pre Timeline update
• Total Facebook engagement: 532
• Comments: 10
• Clicks: 341
• Likes: 181

March 6th – March 19th: Post Timeline update
• Total Facebook engagement: 733
• Comments: 16 (+18%)
• Clicks: 401 (+72%)
• Likes: 316 (+60%)

What does this mean for marketers? With a 72% increase against the previous benchmark of clicks, ensure that you’re link strategy fits with your business objectives. If your primary objective is sales, consider the conversion path the customer takes once clicking through your content. Make sure your call to action is clear and simple. However, if brand awareness is the main goal, ensure that the content is engaging, easily shareable and provides value.

Ensure your Timeline is adequately updated and harnessing all the benefits of the new Facebook Timeline functionalities, with The Checklist: Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages. To learn more about meeting business objectives through social strategy, tweet @KrisSuss or contact Social Distillery at info@socialdistillery.com.

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