Top 5 Takeaways from Social Media Bootcamp

Austin is home to a bustling community of creatives, techies, and everyone in between. Not only does this mean a growing and competitive market place, but it also creates a need for educational resources. Recently, I had the opportunity to learn from Angela Yang of T3 at General Assembly’s Social Media Bootcamp class. She led us through the in’s and out’s of each individual social media channel, as well as best practices for developing social strategies and campaigns.

For those who are jumping into the world of social media marketing for the first time, or for the seasoned veterans who just want a quick reminder of some basics, here are my Top 5 takeaways from Social Media Bootcamp:

#1 Have a Vision for Where Social is Going

  • Personally, and as an agency, I think it’s important that we’re constantly revising our visions to keep us ahead of the curve and focused on our goals.
  • My vision: social is the source of connection in big and small – scale ways in our everyday lives, and it’s vital that people experience a sense of both individualism and community on every social channel.

#2 The Industry is Pay to Play

  • Social Media is now so saturated that without a paid ad budget, standing out among the crowd is nearly impossible.
  • As of 2015, 10.7% of marketing budgets are allocated for social media marketing, but it’s estimated to more than double (23.8%) in 5 years.

#3 Be a “Thumb Stopper”

  • Create content like videos, boomerangs, gifs, etc. that grab people’s attention (literally causing their thumb to stop) as they’re scrolling through their social media accounts.

#4 Social Media is an Experience, Not Just a Channel

  • Pokémon Go, Facebook 360, and other similar experiences have created a strong pull for more immersive experiences on social media channels.
  • It’s more important than ever to appeal to on-demand culture, and personalize engagement so that your brand stands out.

#5 In 2015, 80% of Social Revenue Came from Pinterest + Facebook Alone

  • Facebook’s user base is 1, 440,000,000; Pinterest’s user base is only 47,000,000.
    • Pinterest is roughly 3% of Facebook’s size.
  • Pinterest brought in 16% of social revenue in 2015, whereas, Facebook brought in 64% of social revenue.
  • If Facebook’s user base were Pinterest’s size, it would have only been responsible for 4% of social revenue for 2015.
    • In short, Pinterest has an incredibly loyal user-base.

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, and the ways we approach it as individuals, and as an agency matters. Sometimes, I think we can get caught up in dazzling audiences with cutting edge trends and exciting media, and we can forget that at the core, people love storytelling, and give their allegiances to brands and ideas that promote philosophies they believe in. As social marketers, I think it’s our job to find ways to authentically engage our audiences, and stand out among the crowd with simple, and sincere content. Staying true to core values and strategies for marketing is more crucial than ever, and a quick reminder of the basics never hurts.

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