Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn Pulse

Whether you’re already a digital writer or are aspiring to become one, you know that the hardest part about building your blog is not going to be the content itself, but rather building the community who reads it. Don’t feel bad, this is something that most bloggers struggle with. Without the right audience, your content can go unread, unshared, and be, well, unimportant.

This is where LinkedIn Pulse comes in.

LinkedIn Pulse was created as a platform to allow LinkedIn users to post blogs that were targeted toward people in their industry. Much like social media sites, Pulse allows users to share content with people (whom you don’t have to be connected with) of importance from your industry, which means your blog can reach your target market almost immediately upon publishing.

Now you’re thinking about the time and effort you already put into your Facebook, Twitter, Internet marketing, SEO, and how much time you DON’T have to write another blog on yet another platform. Yes there is something to be said about having an active Facebook and Twitter page, but where are you going to get your most valuable readers? A platform that is used to tell your friends what you ate for breakfast, or one that is used to encourage discussion of the industry’s hottest topics?

While most bloggers spend years building a following of loyal readers, LinkedIn Pulse does most of the work for you by categorizing your content and sharing your blog with the people it will resonate with.

Are you convinced yet? If not, here are three more reasons why you should consider including LinkedIn Pulse in your marketing strategy:

Your Content is Shared with the Right People

LinkedIn Pulse serves users articles based on their experience, and the influencers, channels and publishers they follow. That means your content is only being pushed to those whom it is actually applicable.


LinkedIn is one of the most trafficked websites with over 300 million users with a new professional joining every two seconds. That means that Google is more likely to serve this content than your personal blog, and your Pulse posts are more likely to be appear in Google search results.

It Increases Your LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network on the Internet, therefore LinkedIn is all about networking: networking with the influencers of your industry, networking with employees of companies you want to work for, networking with anyone and everyone who could help you get ahead in your career. And no matter how robust your profile depicts your experience to be, it’s still just another online resume. Pulse allows you to target people you want to network with in a different manner. Rather than saying, “Please read my resume, I know a lot about social media,” it says, “Read this article I’ve written showing my unique standpoint on how you can use social media to increase your SEO and drive sales to your company.”

Deciding how you should concentrate your online efforts and resources can be difficult, but when it comes to sharing your content on a website who does most of the demographic targeting for you, it’s an easy choice. If you’d like to share your thoughts, Tweet me at @SarahLizRose or join the conversation at @SocialDistiller.

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