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February 12, 2018 | Blog
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It’s that time of year again when chocolate and conversation hearts flow like wine and the dollar aisle at Target is nothing but a mix (and mess) of pink and red. At last, the month of romance is upon us, and love is in the air. But before you purchase the perfect card and candy combo for that special someone, take the time to evaluate where your loyalty truly lies and who your heart really pounds for.

Let’s be honest here. You know you need your Starbucks grande skinny vanilla latte with caramel drizzle more than you need your significant other, and you probably value your time with it more too. Why? Because Starbuck’s is a brand you’ve fallen in love with. Brand love is a real thing and it happens to the best of us.


  1. Brands flirt with you, and you flirt back.
    • They put their product in your Instagram feed, and you check it out. It’s like Tinder, but way better. You see a photo of the product, you may scroll through several photos of the product, and you search for more information on the product. You do your research.
  2. They actively pursue you.
    • Now you’ve researched them, and you swear they're listening to you through your phone speaker. They suddenly show up everywhere and beg for your attention.
  3. They’re all you think about.
    • You can’t even focus at work anymore. You constantly think about the denim jacket from Revolve you keep finding sponsored in your feed with the words “If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it <3.” Nothing consumes your thoughts more than this brand.
  4. You decide to give them a chance.
    • Finally, you cave and buy the product.
  5. They celebrate special occasions with you.
    • They send you birthday cards, discounts, emails, and even gifts. They commemorate your anniversary with them. Overall, they recognize that your time together is valuable.
  6. They give you the attention you need, and you’ll never look back.
    • They are consistent. They are loyal. They keep in touch with you regularly. They will even talk to you when you just need someone to talk to (thank you, brands with the online 24-hour customer service chat option). It’s love.
Brand love


All relationships have multiple stages, especially brand relationships. Inc. published an article listing the eight ways you can make consumers fall in love with your brand.

  1. Know yourself
  2. Know your type
  3. Meet memorably
  4. Make it mutual
  5. Deepen the connection
  6. Keep the love alive
  7. Making up
  8. Breaking up

There will be ups and downs in your relationship, but what doesn’t kill it only makes your love stronger.


Brands who love other brands.Wendy’s and Moonpie have been flirting on Twitter and people are noticing. Both brands are known for their wit and sass on social media, so when the two combined their social superpowers, people fell even more in love with the brands.

The best part is that they are not at all similar in their range of products, yet they found a way to combine them in an effort to catch the eyes of their followers. And it worked! Now that is brand synergy at it’s best.

The Wendy's and Moonpie love affair

Here at Social Distillery, we are deeply in love with some local brands—Chuy’s, Texas DQ, Truluck’s, and Black’s BBQ just to name a few. Can you tell we love good food? Strategizing with other brands is extremely important in order to build both of your followings. We love showcasing our work for these brands because it keeps our love alive and on display. When the likes fly, sparks do too.

Here’s to hoping your brand and your consumers live happily ever after.

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