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December 09, 2013 | Company
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Sadly, this will be my last blog for Social Distillery as the internship comes to an end. ‘Say It Ain’t So Chad!’ I’m afraid it is people. I know all of you are just so terribly sad right now, but quit that crying! I’ve got you for one more blog that will knock you on your butt. Let us begin.

I’m on Facebook Because I’m Bored We kick off here with none other, than Facebook. I reported awhile back about the use of Facebook by teenagers was at an all time low, I’m sure you guys remember what I’m talking about since you guys read my blog every time... So what’s keeping them from using it you ask? Facebook has more than enough tools to offer and explore, but is it too much? Tell us what you think.

The Evolution of SnapChat Once just an idea that launched in his father’s living room, Evan Spiegel has turned Snapchat into global phenomenon. Snapchat has become so intuitive and ingenious that even brand names are taking advantage of the 20 million photos a day app. When Snapchat Stories rolled out, brands are now able to have a longer conversation period to others for more than just 10 seconds. Check out the 8 brands that are rocking Snapchat Stories right now.

The First Selfie Ever on Instagram Did you know know, that the hashtag #selfie has been used on Instagram over 57 million times? Not to mention, that the actual word “selfie” has increased in the English by 17,000%. Pretty insane right? It makes you wonder though, when did ‘selfie’ become such a phenomenon on Instagram? Instagram would like to introduce to you the first ever #selfie photo dating back to January 27, 2011. Check it out.

Vine Challenge The all new Vine challenge has commenced. This challenge consists of traveling back to your roots of classic gaming. I’m talking Megaman, Frogger, or even the original Tetris. Whatever the game may be, turn that thing into a reality. Adding Street Fighter ll to the list above, bonus points will be given to those who successfully can turn one of those games to life. Check out an example of Bubble Shooter in a stop-motion video using M&M’s.

Well, that just about wraps everything up for this week in Social Media, as well as my revolutionary blogs. So, is Facebook your go to app when your bored? What brands do you think are really taking advantage of Snapchat? And do you have an idea for the Vine challenge to send it? Let me know @ThumbsUpChad and follow @SocialDistiller for the latest on Social Media news. It’s been a pleasure!

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