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November 20, 2017 | Company
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As a kid in the ‘90s, my Grandma would take my sister and me to the community swimming pool every summer. It was the best way to cool off from the blazing Texas heat. We knew on the drive back we’d convince Grandma to stop by Dairy Queen to get a chocolate dipped cone or a Dilly Bar. What else could a kid from Texas ask for?

When we learned Social Distillery would be creating a campaign for DQ, I knew it would have to be amazing or my grandma would shame me for weeks.

The Goal

Our job was to create a digital media campaign to drive awareness, sales and traffic across Texas DQs. Additionally, we tasked ourselves to create a campaign that not only stood out in a social feed, but also one that would resonate with the DQ community.

With an understanding of their audience, we recognized an older, 45+-year-old demographic of loyal DQ customers in addition to a younger, 18-30-year-old demographic of fast food enthusiasts. We targeted these two audiences with tailored messaging and content. Coincidentally, grandma and I fall into these demographics, respectively.

The Work

Nostalgia Campaign 45+-year-old Demo

This campaign is intended to take the audience on a "trip down memory lane."

We saw an engagement rate of 51% on Facebook that brought the cost per engagement to $0.01

[video width="1200" height="628" mp4="http://socialdistillery.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/TDQ_Nostalgia_Sept_REV2.mp4" loop="true" autoplay="true"][/video]

Millennial Campaign 18-30-year-old Demo

We took an "over-the-top" approach to these motion graphics to garner the attention of a millennial audience.

We saw an engagement rate of 64% on Facebook that brought the cost per engagement to $0.02

Overall, the campaign was a success. In particular, the Nostalgia campaign received a large thread of comments from users reminiscing about visiting Dairy Queen during their old high school days.

When I think of Dairy Queen, I think of Chick’n Strip Country Baskets, Hungr-Busters and DQ Blizzards, but I also think of swimming pools and grandma and that’s pretty cool.


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