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February 19, 2016 | Blog
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You have the perfect Meet-Cute story: a customer has stumbled upon your webpage after seeing you at an event or hearing about you from a friend. Curiosity guided their fingers towards your social pages. They hearted your posts, shared your pictures and videos, and began following your every update. It was a match made in heaven!

Within a few weeks their friends and family started befriending you too, and your reach and engagement numbers jumped as fast as your heart rate. You were sure this social relationship had so much potential. How could it not? You’re so easy to fall in love with!

But it’s been a while since you’ve heard from your social sweetheart. They’re liking and sharing less of your posts, and you’re worried they might eventually “unfollow” and move on, taking their really cool friends and family with them.

Don't fear, your social love coach is here! And I’m sharing the right moves to keep your social media followers engaged.

1. Acknowledge your followers' interests.

Find out who your followers are and why they’ve chosen to follow you. What's their demographic? Who else do they follow? Which posts do they relate to the most? An office favorite for answering these questions has always been People Pattern, an audience building and analyzing program that offers demographic, psychographic and behavioral insights for your brand. Once defined, weave common interests into original posts to keep them coming back for more.

2. Stay true to yourself.

It’s important to understand whether or not the followers you’re acquiring are in your social target. Don’t change your voice, values or mission to fit the wants of this follower (or group of followers) just because they might have some influence on others. Pew Research recently conducted a study on the Six Types of Twitter Conversations and made a neat infographic to go with it. It’s a great point of reference to help define how your content should be structured and what groups are listening.

3. Communication is key.

Your followers want you to talk “social” to them. Understand how the social platform you’re using works. Each has a different way of properly sharing your message. Graphics need to be sized differently, certain demographics turn to different social networks, and the right hashtags, captions and mentions can help get you both on the same page.

4. Interact and show your appreciation.

Acknowledge your followers’ presence. Be sure to have a quick response rate, whether it be for a complaint or a praise. They won’t be your social sweethearts anymore if they feel ignored! A good rate can range between five minutes to an hour. Most platforms have their own analytic pages to measure how quickly you respond, but (aside from staying on top of your notifications) another cool tool is Must Be Present. It measures your social responsiveness, conversations and even ranks how well you’re doing. When you respond, don’t be a robot. Personalize your response with enthusiasm and charm (for complaints, with empathy and a proactive solution).

What are your social media love stories? Tweet them with us at @SocialDistiller or tweet me at @VanessaRodri17 with your own social relationship advice!

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