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August 12, 2014 | Company
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Hello, there!

From Mexico to Austin, I landed the opportunity to intern as a Community Manager at Social Distillery, the happiest place to be in Texas. This upcoming week marks the end of my internship, and I would like to share my experience interning at this agency: working on accounts, best practices and the lovely people who work here.

Having some previous experience in the social marketing realm, I was pretty certain about knowing A to Z what I was doing. Wrong. An internship at Social Distillery appeared at the right time to revolutionize, shape and improve my practices. A whole world of knowledge has been inserted into my brain: Spredfast, reporting, copywriting, analytics, JIVE, researching, Other World Computing, Cupid's Undie Run, and Social Distillery.

From new manners on applying hashtags and interpreting engagement to citing article authors, these methods were taught to me by the kindest, smartest, most helpful mentors on Earth: Elissa Fontenot, Sarah Rose, Leigh Pankonien and Mercer Moore. The value of their insights is a treasure to me. I was assigned two accounts: Social Distillery and another B2C client. They were two separate extremes that sometimes overlapped. One had a sharp focus on technology, computer products and Apple news. Integrating tech vocabulary with spark while still remaining concise was hard at times, but it flowed easily once I immersed in company research. On the other side, SD had an informative yet fun drive into sharing social media tips and events, or sprinkling around pictures of good times at the office. An account like this came in handy when reading through articles-- I got to learn as I worked, and I developed the habit of being up-to-date with news, always. Ultimately, tracing back to my first year in UT Austin, I remember my 318J class (Introduction to Advertising/Integrated Brand Communications) with Dr. Murphy, always reminding us to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid). I finally had had the chance to apply the acronym and improve not only my writing skills, but also the way in which I communicate ideas.

Moving on throughout the summer, the occasional Lunch and Learns offered at Social Distillery combined bonding, tasty local food, and knowledge from people all around the industry, who so willingly came by and shared their amazing stories. From Jordan Slabaugh to Rajiv Garg, conversations on the research they have conducted, their experiences in marketing and their steps towards where they are now left a remarkable indication towards success. Just as they say: "Never stop believing." ... Or rather, working! Austin is a city full of entrepreneurship, and having the opportunity to make connections with business leaders was simply unbelievable.

Finally and most importantly, the friendship that I developed with the two other interns at SD (Hailey Whidden and Zac Bodner) is beyond valuable. As a team, these two kind human beings and I worked together and helped each other out when in need of content, proofreading, or simply a smile. We asked questions to each other, revised our work (it's always good to double-check) and passed on links with interesting content to post to our designated accounts, no matter which one. That's what a team does: help each other out. Not only did our bonds become tighter, but also the evolution of leadership skills peaked through the advice we provided to each other.

No doubt, my internship at Social Distillery has become my most important experience in social media marketing. Hands down, 'tis the place to intern at.


Stay connected with Paloma Fuentes @pfc512 and be on the lookout for future intern positions @SocialDistiller.

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