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June 29, 2016 | Events
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Last night members of the Social Distillery team put their expertise to the test by serving as panelists at the latest installment of Creatives Meet Business. Each event covers a different area of business focus, and last night it was all about social media!


To kick things off we surprised the room with a custom Snapchat geofilter, created specifically for the event!

The world of social media is fast and ever-changing. To help attendees navigate the social sphere, topics were divided between six social media marketing experts. Here’s a quick recap of the speakers and a few key takeaways:


Alex Cos (Strategic Account Manager - Facebook) Paid Strategies for Small and Medium Businesses

When designing your paid strategy, understand what you want your target audience to do once they see your ad or post. Is it a call to action to buy a product or do you want them to attend an event? This will depend on the type of business you have but regardless of the industry, social media can help get the word out to your audience.


Meredith Gonsalves (General Assembly) Strategy Mapping

You should always take steps to design a valuable strategy before you start posting:

  • Get to know your target audience
  • Identify your competitors
  • Prioritize goals and metrics
  • Position your brand on social - how you talk about your brand, how your brand looks
  • Most importantly, make sure all of your goals are tied to measurable objectives


Ryan Johnston (Social Distillery Chief “Jokes” Officer) Storytelling & Paid, Owned + Earned Content

Storytelling is an important element for building brand awareness and expanding your community:

  • Storytelling helps brands build brand loyalty through memorable experiences
  • Make the customer the hero of your stories, not the brand
    • Consider your “Customer Journey” as a starting point for storytelling - the average journey a potential customer takes from not knowing your brand to becoming an advocate
  • Aspire to Word-of-Mouth Marketing - keep in mind the top reasons people share brand stories online (credit @spikejones):
    • To feed their ego
    • To share new information
    • Because it affects them emotionally


Emilie Kopp (Partner - Bonobo Interactive) Building Your Community & Channel Definition

When building your online community you should keep in mind a few key things:

  • What is the distinct value proposition for your users
  • Which platforms are best for your audience
  • What content is meaningful to them

Remember, building an online community goes beyond having a place for your audience, it’s about providing value consistently over and over again.


Kristen Sussman (Social Distillery Queen Bae & President) SEO and Keywords

The goal of strong SEO is to create a funnel of content where someone will stumble upon your brand and ultimately become an advocate and customer. Kristen shared the following seven tips to do this:

  • Utilize Google’s free Keyword Planner
  • Include a blog on your website
  • Understand Google Crawlers
  • Use a mix of content like video and blogs. Be sure to always tag!
  • Build out local listings like Yelp, Google Places and Trip Advisor
    • Look for industry specific options like Crunchbase or Creative Ham
  • Position your brand as a thought leader by commenting on stories, or creating original content specific to your industry
  • Use an “evergreen” publishing strategy


Hailey Whidden (Social Distillery Sweetheart) Content Calendars & Curation

Content creation is flat out time consuming. Utilize these 3 different types of content when curating content:

  • Original
    • Set up listening streams in Hootsuite or Google alerts to stay up to date with the industry news to capitalize on those moments
    • Utilize apps such as Boomerang / Facebook Live to keep up with trends
  • Consumer-Generated
    • Regram and share your community members content; they’ll be excited to see their contributions featured
    • Guest blog posts; take advantage of influencers and your community base too
  • Repurposed
    • Look for opportunities to repurpose content from your website / blog / brochures

When putting together your content calendar think about the following:

  • Work backwards from important marketing goals or key dates to help you plan for success
  • “National Holidays” (National Donut Day) that are relevant to your industry and audience
  • Be flexible - it should never be set in stone, it’s just helping you plan ahead for success

This was just a taste of the awesome educational conversations that happened last night at CMB. To catch the entire event series and hear more panelists past and present check out the Creatives Meet Business podcast on iTunes and Stitcher.

Big thanks to Ashland Viscosi for founding such an amazing event series and for inviting our ragtag group of marketers to share some knowledge!

Photo credit to David Brendan Hall.

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