Social Media Themed Valentine's Day Cards

February 10, 2016 | Blog
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(Alternate title: If You Were an Instagram Post I'd Double Tap You)

I remember it clearly. Valentine's Day was the best day in elementary school. The entire class would take time to decorate an old shoe box with construction paper, doilies, glitter and little puffy balls. During construction, the Elmer's Glue would magically get on your hands, harden, and you'd enjoy the sensation of peeling off your second skin.

You would spend some time at the grocery store riffling through the themed V-Day card boxes until you found one that perfectly captured your personality: Batman, Superman, My Little Pony, Trolls, Snoopy, Disney Characters. I called it a success when I could find Garfield cards. To this day, Garfield is the only cat I like....I think it's his sarcasm, his love for lasagna and his scheming mind. (Plus I'm not allergic to him.)

When delivering your cards, it was extremely important that you matched the cards and people with the correct sentiment. The last thing you wanted to do was share a sentimental cat card with your it cool, play it cool.

Today, you could choose to pick up another V-Day card box set, or you can use the incredibly hip, social media themed V-Day cards our Art Director, Ariele, dreamed up. I think you'll find them relevant, with just enough dark humor and sarcasm to satisfy both the sender and the receiver. Feel free to send these via social by taking a screen shot of the image, or do it the old fashioned way and print out our set. Happy Valentine's Day!


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