Social Media Trends & Takeaways - August 2018

September 17, 2018 | Trends
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We’re back for your monthly round-up of social media news. While summer has been slowly winding down (but boy oh boy, the heat sure hasn’t), new trends and updates in the social world show no signs of braking. Here’s what you may have missed for the month of August.

Need an opinion?

Your private messages are about to become more opinionated. Instagram is slowly rolling out their polling feature to Direct Messaging. Until now, users were only able to share polls on Stories to all of their followers. How do you do this, one may ask? If you’re one of the lucky few who has the capability, simply update your app, and you’ll be presented with the option to add the polling sticker within your chat.

The Takeaway: Instagram always says their main focus is community and connectivity, and this extension of an already popular feature proves this once again. Now, brands and businesses may potentially have another way to receive feedback from their consumers. Sure, Insta Stories may have celebrated their 2nd birthday this past month (can you believe it?), but it’s continuously reinventing itself to keep its audience captivated.

It's been a wild summer for Facebook.

It was recently announced that Facebook debuted a new creative process to convert still images to video. These snazzy videos can then be used for advertising on the social network. While this announcement is exciting, there are very few details. In the meantime it seems like users may have to get in contact with a rep from Facebook Creative team to truly make the magic happen.

The Takeaway: Surprise, surprise. Video ain’t going anywhere. You can still create really cool, captivating content without breaking the bank and piling up your workload.

You may have noticed that Facebook’s Now Trending feature has disappeared from your Newsfeeds. To counteract this change, Facebook recently debuted its new “Topics to Watch” report, underlining all trending topics gaining momentum across Facebook.

The Takeaway: Whether you'd like to admit it or not, Facebook is still a relevant source for news, even if it has had its fair share of battling viral spam, fake news accounts and the like. Another perk of this new tool? Brands and businesses can tap into these trends as a source for content inspo, conversational talking points and more.

In other Facebook news, the social media network announced that Facebook birthday fundraisers raised a whopping 300 million dollars for worthy causes. Some of the lucky beneficiaries include St. Jude, The American Cancer Society and the ASPCA.

The Takeaway: It’s been a rough year for Facebook (AHEM, Facebook has had privacy issues galore), so this announcement must feel like a morale boost for the company. Sure, the social network still have a lot of issues it needs to sort out, and STAT, but it is good to see that they’re contributing to the world in a very positive way.

Whatcha doin' with my data?

Another day, another privacy change. Twitter is tightening the reins on how its data is used, and as a consequence, many third party apps will be affected.

The Takeway: App Developers, If ya wanna play the game, you gotta play by the rules. Social Media no longer has a Wild, Wild West mentality, and more regulations are stacking up as the general public becomes more concerned about their privacy and the way the social platform uses its data.

Well, there you have it. There’s never a dull moment in the world of social. We’ll see you back for your social media fix next month for September’s Trends & Takeaways!

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