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June 20, 2016 | Blog
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We all know that video is a key part of marketing, but until recently, it wasn't all that inclusive. Take watching commercials as an example, you'll see tons of high-budget spots stream by until, low and behold, the local used-car salesman/dentist/business person's ad pops up. Some poor sap, obviously uncomfortable (or way, way too comfortable) stands in front of the camera and makes a ploy to get you into their dealership/dentist chair/furniture store. The spots are usually terrible, from lighting to sound to script. Although we see them as jokes, they are often a significant investment for small business owners. In a future where video will only become more important, how will these little guys compete?

YouTube answered that question last week when they launched the YouTube Director app, a tool that allows anyone with a smartphone to create polished videos. Pre-populated with templates, instructions and even music options, it's pretty difficult to mess up. You start by choosing the type of video you'd like to create and through a step-by-step process with helpful prompts and tips, you capture and record your video. The app is free to use and, trust us, it only takes a few minutes of poking around to become a director extraordinaire.

If, however, you still feel video-making is out of your league, YouTube simultaneously launched an additional service, YouTube Director Onsight, that pairs you with a filmmaker to help write, shoot and edit your video. Interestingly, this service is free to anyone spending $150 on Youtube ads. Right now, YouTube Director Onsight is only available in a few metro-areas, but it is set to roll out in more cities soon.

Interested in the possibilities and ever-curious, we downloaded the app and gave it a test run in our office. You can see our handy work below, which we created in a matter of minutes (literally, just somewhere between 5-10 mins):

If you want to compete in the video-ad landscape without the large budget that it used to take to produce polished videos, we highly suggest checking out the app. There are so many uses for this tool, even outside the business/ad realm, and we are excited to see how people will chose to utilize it.

And don't forget, if you want to create additional video content that doesn't fit into a template and needs a dash of creativity, concept and strategic thinking, get in touch! We'd love to help.

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