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Fan Food, Not Fast Food

The Challenge

Texas DQ hired Social Distillery to encourage traffic to 71 of its DFW locations. The end goal was to increase sales for TDQ and build brand awareness by running digital media campaigns throughout Q3 and Q4.

The Game Plan

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Social has quickly become a “pay to play” network, meaning that if you don’t include a paid element to your social strategy you will have a very hard time reaching your community – let alone your target market. Social Distillery implemented a month-by-month ad strategy to help increase the community size and overall awareness for Texas DQ by targeting both an older demographic and a millennial audience. Social Distillery created cohesive and on-brand GIFs and graphics to promote Texas Dairy Queen’s unique menu offerings and to promote brand awareness.



We used old black and white Dairy Queen photos and brought them to life through simple gifs. The use of old photos was intended to take a 45+-year-old demographic of loyal DQ customers on a “trip down memory lane.” The campaign received a large thread of comments from users reminiscing about visiting Dairy Queen during their old high school days.


We took an “over-the-top” approach in the design and creation of these motion graphics to garner the attention of a millennial audience. We mixed humor with explosions and mash-ups to make 10-second motion graphics that would stand out in a social feed.

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