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The Challenge

With November sweeps around the corner, KVUE, an ABC-affiliated television station owned by Tegna and licensed in Austin, Texas, hired Social Distillery to support its growth with the goal of increasing engagement on Facebook. increasing engagement on Facebook.

The Game Plan


Placing an ever-growing importance on paid media, Social Distillery assisted in planning, developing and managing a paid Facebook campaign and created four dark posts to run for the month of October. Each ad would be relevant, impactful and engaging for its audience.

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The Execution

Social Distillery assisted KVUE in planning, coordinating, launching and managing the ads. Using audience intelligence software, Social Distillery targeted key demographics and detailed audiences for each ad with the goal to increase engagement across the board and keep KVUE top of mind as a respected, credible news source for Texas news.


In just five days, KVUE received 468K total video views for the ads. The results were impressive, and due to such a positive response KVUE chose to expand their reach to television, airing the ads in their entirety on their newscast. With a spend of $662, KVUE’s Facebook ads contributed to 411,618 total impressions and achieved 165,036 engagements, 3,575 shares and 297 comments in just 5 days. The average cost per engagement for each ad was $0.004 with all ads achieving a relevancy score of 9 or higher.

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