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Hill Country Crafted

The Challenge

To position the rebranded Twisted X as a “Hill Country Crafted” brewery using a marketing approach that resonates with a broad audience, informing them of the unique flavors and culture that make Twisted X a staple in any Texas bar or fridge.

The Game Plan

Advertising  | Social  | Graphic Design  | Strategy

At a pivotal and transformational moment in the brand’s story, Twisted X looked to Social Distillery to gain a better understanding of current and potential social communities and form a look, feel and voice to reach a broader audience.

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As they looked to expand their marketing beyond a niche community, Twisted X needed a better understanding of their new target market and a cohesive social plan to reach and entice them. After researching and compiling social data from Twisted X and aspirational communities, Social Distillery built a detailed outline to relaunch the brand; educate their current and potential fanbase; and encourage beer drinkers to experience a ‘Hill Country Crafted’ brew.


With an understanding of the new Twisted X target market, a cohesive brand profile was created to map the look and feel of all designs, both digital and traditional. In addition to social skins, website designs, digital banners and ad templates, Social Distillery scouted and arranged a photography session with local influencers to capture the ‘Hill Country Crafted’ vibe of the new Twisted X.

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Social Experience

In order to activate their community and extend word of mouth marketing into the social sphere, a Social Experience was created that inspired and gather real-time conversations and moments from the Twisted X Tasting Room. Patrons were able to witness and participate with social activations as they scrolled across a live display.

Social Consulting

Knowing that the best way to capture the culture of Twisted X was to empower their brewers and representatives, Social Distillery built a customized social activation program and helped enable the Twisted X team to generate uniquely personal content for their social channels. A representative was also trained on social best practices and ramped up on the social strategy to help provide ongoing success across all digital platforms.

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